• Our building energy analytics software platform with energy control hardware provides understanding and optimization of energy consumption for commercial and public properties.
  • We provide not only insight into energy consumption but also detailed recommendations for large-scale energy efficiency improvements and smart savings.
  • Our energy analytics includes productivity level related to indoor thermal and air quality comfort.
  • Energy management in line with ISO 50001
Plan Do Check Act Cycle

Energy data scan

  • Identification of areas of potential energy savings
  • Highlights of opportunities for energy management improvements
  • Automated process of energy consumption analysis
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Control Energy Use

  • System for Control of Heating System
  • Heating Schedules adjusted to opening hours, weather predictions with optimal thermal and air quality comfort
  • Indoor Climate Monitoring
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Energy Trends and Savings

  • Energy Dashboards with trends and predictions
  • Weather Adjustments
  • Energy Overview with insight for all locations at a time
  • Alarms
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  • Current Energy Savings Reports
  • Estimated Savings for Contract Year
  • Indoor Climate Productivity Reports
  • Yearly Energy Trends and Savings Reports
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Flexible interactive screens

EcoSCADA Energy Dashboards

Energy Dashboards

Digital Information Screens raise awareness about energy efficiency and help change behaviors to reduce unnecessary energy consumption and cut carbon emissions. Energy Dashboards create positive image of “green building”.

EcoSCADA Energy Data Overview

Energy Overview

In Flexible Interactive Screens you can find overview of energy consumption, and power. Normalized values serves to compare different periods with adjustments of weather information. Energy trends and specification give an insight into your building energy performance.

EcoSCADA Indoor Climate

Indoor Climate - Productivity Analysis

Not only we measure data such as indoor CO2 levels, temperature, humidity and even noise levels but also we present predicted productivity loss due to high indoor CO2 concentrations and temperature discomfort. We show real time data and statistics for chosen periods.

EcoSCADA Location Map

Insight for all locations at a time

Our location maps allows you to check progress of your project, find buildings with positive and negative trends. It’s also an overview of activity of your measuring devices and system of heating control.

EcoSCADA Energy Load Chart

Load Charts

Heat maps delivers detailed information about heating, electricity as well as temperature and air quality of the building in relation to time and date. This visualisation helps to review energy usage in a very fast way.

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