Savings scan to follow smart energy savings goals:

Specific Savings Calculator
S - Specific

Savings Scan allows to set specific energy savings targets for each location.

Measurable Savings with Energy Normalization
M – Measurable

Our system enables to calculate year to year savings regardless of weather condition. We need to normalize data because the weather in a given year may be much hotter or colder than in the year you want to compare with. That’s why we use weather adjustments and take into account this differences in savings calculations.

Achievable Energy Savings Goals
A – Achievable

Savings Potential based on reference year consumption is estimated at the beginning of each project. Our savings prognosis tool takes into account heating system characteristics, opening time and weather information.

Realistic Energy Savings
R – Realistic

Your savings can be achieved with our heating control system that detects best schedule for heating system based on weather predictions.

Time-Related Energy Savings Calculations
T – Time-related

Each project has time bounds and any time you can check current savings as well as savings potential at the end of each contract year and the entire project.

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